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Our 2023 reunion has now been confirmed and negotiations with the hotel are completed with the exception of the final planning meeting which is taking place, between the hotel and Steve Crowley, on the weekend of 27th of May 2022.

We have, once again booked the reunion to take place at the Mickleover Court Hotel, Derby


(with the opportunity to extend through to Monday 17th April by arrangement.)

You will be pleased to hear that the cost of the reunion has increased only marginally, and certainly by less than the rampant rate of inflation this country currently experiences!

Enquiries regarding the reunion and payments can be directed to Steve Crowley at the e mail address shown below, although payment is, as usual, available through the website shop and by cheque (accompanied by the application form downloadable in the reunion page) and by BACS transfer by arrangement with Steve. For anyone wishing to attend but who is experiencing financial difficulty which would prevent your attendance, we encourage you to contact Steve, in strictest confidence, and arrangement may be made to support your attendance. This has worked well in the past and we hope will continue not only for this reunion but future reunions also. We stress that this will be a confidential arrangement between only yourself and Steve Crowley. We will always do our best to make sure everyone is able to attend. You can contact steve by clicking on the e mail link.R



Welcome to the web site of the HMS Courageous Association. Originally known as The HMS Courageous Society, the name having been changed by a members vote at the 2010 reunion in Plymouth, The Association has now been in existence for 22 years

Founded in 2000 by Chas Cooke, in a moment of madness and a desire to try and have the leaving do he was denied due to a pierhead jump in 1978, a search for old crew members willing to meet in a pub and have a beer rather got out of hand. Rather than the 5 or 6 mates that he had intended to seek out who would be willing to have a good evening session in a bar somewhere, it soon became apparent that there were so many more men who wanted to meet old friends and crew mates and, at the inaugural reunion at the Britannia Hotel, New Street in Birmingham, IN 2001, 146 men shared a weekend of memories while doing their best, and but for about half a barrel, succeeding in drinking the hotel dry.

So The Association began and, despite economic downturns, the scattering of ex crew members around the globe and other more pressing commitments, the reunions go on, now every other year, and our members, accompanied in many cases by their wives and partners, continue to enjoy meeting each other at our weekend long get togethers. The last, in Derby in 2021, delayed by over a year due to the Covid 19 pandemic,, attracted over 150 people. In 2023 we will again be meeting in the Mickeleover Court hotel, Derby where our reunion will be hosted for the fourth consecutive time by the amazing staff of Hallmark Hotels.

Please visit our Reunion page should you be considering attendance at the next reunion. There you will find details of the event and of how to book your place. It is always best to book relatively early as we tend to buy every room at the hotel and may need to consider accommodating some at the nearby sister hotel.

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At our 2020 reunion, The President, David Wixon, delivered grace before the reunion dinner and unveiled The Courageous Grace. Many have asked for this to be made public and we are pleased to show it below for you.


God of atom, God of steel, God of spanners (in brackets wheel),

God who saves our long lived Queen, God who made our Submarine,

God who built the back end first manned by men with unquenchable thirst,

By then God feeling a wee bit vexed thought he’d make the front end next.

From TSC, messdeck to mast, He came to make the galley last

To feed us all with HITS and BITS, with babies’ heads, gave us the *****(runs)

Which sounds like kidneys on a raft, GhandI’s revenge for the boys back aft.

Oh God who served up Spithead pheasant and harbour cotters not unpleasant.

Bless us with good food today that is not cooked the Navy way.




Some time ago, at the suggestion of our late treasurer, Roger Pescodd, the HMS Courageous Association Committee purchased a memorial bench to be placed within the National Memorial Arboretum. The decision was taken to purchase the bench as a permanent memorial to those of our crew mates who have crossed the bar. The bench, includes a plaque which contains the ship’s crest and the following inscription, which we felt was apt for those such as Ray Hutchins who was lost at sea, and, of course, for our predecessors who were lost in the sinking of the aircraft carrier:


The bench is fairly easy to find and only a few minutes walk from the main entrance. We also found that the Arboretum as a whole is a great place to visit and walk round and proved a fitting memorial to the many services it commemorates. , Should you wish to visit the arboretum and make use of the bench the address of the arboretum is Croxall Road, Alrewas, Staffordshire, DE13 7AR. The bench is located in the Royal Naval Wood and overlooks the Armed Forces Memorial. The bench reference number which, if given to staff, will enable them to direct you is B - 550.

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