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We have now been informed that we will be welcome to visit the boat in Devonport with the kind permission of the Naval Base Commander. A poll was held and a majority of members decided that this visit should take place in February. We are now working with the boat to arrange that visit and we hope to publish details in the near future. Please return to the site regularly to find out more details as the planning progresses. 


Please note however, we will NOT  be arranging accommodation or food for the visit and that will be the responsibility of the individual concerned.

We have asked that families of those who have crossed the bar are also allowed to participate in the visit and we await a response to that request. We have also enquired whether wives/partners may also be allowed and, finally, we have asked whether the visit could take place across both a Saturday and Sunday. Due to an expected health and safety imposed limit on the number of visitors permitted onboard at any time we hope that visiting across two days will allow the maximum number of members to enjoy revisiting old memories.


Chas Cooke

Visit Info

Our 2023 reunion took place in April and was, as previously, an enormous success. Our guest speaker was Commodore Paul Dunn , the head of the Submarine Service who was accompanied by his wife Jan.

We were also joined by family of some of our members who have sadly crossed the bar and it was great to hear that they felt they had been made welcome, included at all times and would return, as some of them were already doing. Our thanks go out to all of those members attending who made our late crewmates' families welcome.

Below are a few pictures from the 2023 reunion but, if anyone has any other pictures they would like to see included in this website, please do send them to us using the email address for the website manager in our Contacts page. Thank you.

Our 2025 reunion is already in the planning stage and contracts have been signed and deposits paid. The dates have been booked and they are Friday 18th to Sunday 20th April 2025.


We will once again return to the Hallmark Mickleover Hotel near Derby which was chosen to be our continuing venue of choice by our members at the 2021 reunion. We have an excellent working relationship with the hotel management and staff and they work extremely hard to ensure that our reunions go smoothly. Our gratitude to all of the staff who make such an effort in contributing to our event's success.

The costs of the packages available are estimated to be as follows:

                                                                   1 night singe accommodation including reunion dinner for 1                                     £121

                                                                   2 night single accommodation including reunion dinner for 1                                    £201    

                                                                   1 night double/twin accommodation including reunion dinner for 2                          £182

                                                                   2 night double/twin accommodation including reunion dinner for 2                          £282

                                                                   Reunion dinner - per person                                                                                            £41

As usual, the reunion dinner will consist of three courses (three choices within each course), half bottle of white or red wine per person, after dinner toasting spirit and coffee.

With the current fluctuation in cost of living there may be a need for a "slight" adjustment to prices quoted but we hope this will not be necessary and prices will be fixed well in advance of the reunion, allowing attendees time to budget for the reunion outlay.

 Please note that, in a new addition to the payment process, for the 2025 reunion we will be offering an automated 12 month payment plan  here on the website. The cost of the specific packages will be split into 12 equal monthly payments at no additional cost. The payment plans will become active on 1st February 2024 and will run for 12 months so that all reunion payments are completed six weeks prior to the event. We will, of course, publicise the payment plans in plenty of time for you to sign up should you wish to spread the cost. As an example, the single night accommodation for 1 plus dinner would cost £10.08 per month for 12 months which, for those who are on a tighter budget, may make it a little more affordable.

​When costs and the programme are fully finalised we will ensure that the information is posted on this page and members are also notified by e-mail in a circular. This will normally be approximately 12 months prior to the event as Steve and Chas start the final planning approximately 15  months in advance of the reunion.

We look forward to welcoming you to another brilliant reunion in 2025. In the meantime, here are some images of the hotel and pictures from the 2021 reunion to wet your appetite and to bring back great memories.

1100x420_derby_mickleover (13)
1100x420_derby_mickleover (4)
1100x420_derby_mickleover (2)
600x450_derby_mickleover (11)
600x450_derby_mickleover (3)

Of course, during our reunions we also hold the Waz McKenzie Golf Trophy competition in memory of our great friend and late member who lived for his family and his golf and passed doing exactly what he enjoyed, playing a round of golf. 

Below are pictures from the 2021 competition.

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