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Unfortunately, as with so many organisations and businesses, we have noticed a very sharp increase in costs. For us this is particularly noticeable with regard to shipping costs which have increased by a large margin. We have done our best to move away from Royal Mail and Parcel Post, who have proven to be more expensive than others and we are now using carriers such as Evri who provide a slightly cheaper service. However, the costs still represent an increase over our previous shipping expenses.

Unfortunately this means that we have been forced to review our shipping costs and with that review have come rises in shipping prices. We have done our best to keep any increases to a minimum but it was, we are afraid, inevitable, that shipping costs would increase. We will not be increasing the base price of the goods themselves unless we have to restock and we are charged more ourselves. Currently only the shipping prices will increase. We are sorry to do this but needs must and we would rightly be sacked if we made a loss in the shop. Shipping costs are now clearly marked in each item page so you can see exactly what the cost of posting and packing will be.

As we are a small organisation, out of choice we do not hold high stock levels of many items, particularly clothing. Due to the variety of sizes and colours offered we have found it more economical, and certainly financially safer, to buy and embroider/print to order. This means that some items will take a little longer than we would ideally wish for orders to be fulfilled but please be assured, your order will be with you as soon as possible. If you would like an update on the status of your order please e mail Steve Crowley

Welcome to our shop. We hope you are able to find the items you want and enjoy our improved shop. Payments can be made directly using debit or credit cards and via Paypal through your own Paypal account or also using debit and credit cards. Thank you for your custom. We periodically add new items or place items on sale so please do return regularly.

Before you begin browsing the shop in full we would like to make you aware of three books, published by The Association, all of which are available in Amazon as either an e-version or paperback. You can view the books in Amazon by clicking on the book covers below.

Cover of Book, Why Should Britain Tremble - Link to Amazon store
Cover of book Submarine Courageous - Cold War Warrior - Link to Amazon store
Cover of Book  - Taking the King's Shilling - Link to Amazon store
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